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Welcome to the Alpe Adria Region. Let me show you this beautiful region in the heart of Europe between the peaks of the Alps and the waves of the Adriatic Sea.

There is a region in Europe, where you can hike in the Alps in the morning, explore the wineries in the afternoon and swim in the sea at sunset. Welcome to the Alpe Adria Region.

What is the Alpe Adria Region?

The Alpe Adria Region is an amazing region in the heart of Central Europe covering parts of today’s countries Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. From the high mountains to the calm Adriatic Sea, this region is an unique mosaic of landscapes, food traditions, languages and cultural and historical heritage.

The Alpe Adria Region is the only region in Europe, where the three big language groups meet each other, it is indeed situated on the crossroads between North, Central, Western, and Eastern Europe. The experience in this region shows that we have much in common even a national border is dividing us. It is Europe in a small version, united in variety.

Europe in my heart

My life in the Alpe Adria Region

I was born in this region and was influenced by the huge variety of languages and cultural traditions. History in this region has shown that borders and rulers are temporary, but people in this region stay connected over centuries.

And it has shaped my interests to discover the world and especially Europe, to understand our continent and see what unite us over was divide us.

On this website, you find information about the Alpe Adria Region, my hobbies such as Radio and Music, my last trips and some professional information about what I am doing to keep Europe going on. For a more united Europe – not only in the Alpe Adria Region but everywhere.

alpemare – from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea

alpemare Blog: Exploring the Alpe Adria Region

On my various trips in the Alpe Adria Region, I try to give some insights what to do and what to see in this region. This all comes with information regarding the history and the culture of this region.

Radio in the Alpe-Adria Region

On this website you also find information related to the history and the present of the world of the radio in this region.

About me: My projects

By using the specific case of the transnational Alpe-Adria Region, I try every day to work to bring together Europe. Here I give an overview of my professional work.

alpemare blog: Exploring the Alpe Adria Region

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